How are your hops, Growers? Early spring 2019

3rd Year for this plant 2019. This plant was grown directly into its current location from 2017. (30/03/19)
3rd year for this plant 2019. First year was in a large pot 2017 , then planted into current location in the ground 2018, same coffee mug for size (30/03/19)

These are my two, 3 year old Cascade hop plants. One started its first year in a pot and is a bit behind the other plant which has been in the ground for three years.

If you are a new member and have first year plants, dont worry. Keep an eye out for the red shoots. These plants take off soon.

If any members have failed plants and want to try again. I have some Cascade plants started in pots for purchase. Get in touch –

See you all soon, Sharon

Winter Meet up @ Kirkstall Brewery Saturday, 23 February 2019

A joint social with Leeds & Calderdale Camra Branches at Kirkstall Brewery on 100 Kirkstall Road, Leeds.

Meet at the Brewery 12:30pm for a tour of the kit and perhaps a quick pint. From here its on to the Cardigan Arms around 3:00ish, where there will be a rare chance to tour the Victorian Tower Brewery.  From here it is onto the Kirkstall Bridge Inn.

Feel free to join in the visits to the other two pubs. The Cardigan Arms will be showing the 6 Nations Rugby matches upstairs.

You don’t need to book, attendance is free, please wear stout(ish) footwear if you are interested in looking round the breweries. This promises to be a grand day.

Buses run approx. every 10-20mins along Kirkstall Road in each direction, so return transport should be no issue.


Last Taste of Nomadic’s GeeGee and recent Blogs about The Co-Hoperative

Hello Everyone,


The last cask of ‘GeeGee’ will be served  at another Nomadic Beers Un-Open event, Sat.  10 Nov 2018, 12-18:00 pm @Nomadic Beers, new location in Sheepscar. There will be a crafts market on as well and food. (If the last event is anything to go by,  it will be another corker)


Thought you might also like to see what the bloggers are saying about the Co-Hoperative and the last Un-Open event @Nomadic Beers on Oct 6th 2018:.

Leeds goes green: A 2018 co-HOPerative project


Nomadic Beer’s Unopen tap room, Green hopped beers and other things

See you Soon,


2018 harvest beer – Gee Gee

Our harvest beer launch this year was at Nomadic Beers on Saturday 6th October.

The beer, a 4.5% pale called GeeGee after Nomadic’s delivery van The Green Goddess, was made using 8.25kg of Cascade hops grown by the Leeds Co-Hoperative. The event was a great success and the beer went down very well! It was subsequently available at Wapentake and Foley’s.













New members welcome

Once again we are looking for new members. The only difference this time is that new members will get the plants in the winter and as roots (called rhizomes). Your first pack is £20 and any extra plants are £10.

Hopefully the plants will be ready for the launch of this year’s beer in November. Follow us on social media to be sure to know when.

Otherwise there will be another pick-up event will be organised after Christmas.