Hi Folks,
Some info about this weekend including the brew day so please have a read!
• It’s hop drop for Cascade only on Saturday. If you are unsure what your hops are, please pick them the following week for the Bitter Brew. SEPT 18TH
• Please do not bring Prima Donna this week. As they are younger plants, we have given them the extra week to grow. SEPT 25TH HOP DROP For Prima Donna
• Please do not bring hops on Friday. We need them as fresh as possibly. Ideally, we should be picking and brewing within 24 hours.
• If you are bringing bines please stick around to pick your hops. This is all about community, so we need to work together.
• If you are picking your hops at home please bring them in a paper bag or a box. It stops the
hops from sweating and start to go off.
The Taproom is open between 12noon and 8pm on Saturday so there’s plenty of time to drop off your hops. The bar is open and we have an Italian Street Food vendor so make an afternoon of it! We are child and pet friendly too.
• If you are coming to the brew day you can bring your hops on Sunday. We will need them by 11am at the latest.
• The taproom will be open from 12noon – 5pm. However please note those taking part in the brew day will not be able to drink alcohol until the mash tun has been emptied. This is a health and safety aspect.
• You are welcome to pop along between 9am and 5pm to see us brewing, or stay for the whole day and get involved.
• Please note it is labour intensive. Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and waterproof shoes and a change of sock are a good idea.
• We will be in from 8:30am and the brew day starts at 9am when we mash in.
• Unfortunately, we cannot allow under 18s to take part in the brew day. There are many hazards. The Taproom will be open so children are allowed in the venue but will need supervision. I.e if you are taking part in the brew day you will need another adult to supervise your child at the taproom.
• We don not have a street food vendor on Sunday so please bring a picnic or Aldi is just around the corner to grab some grub.
Looking forward to it!

2020 HOP DROP! -Sunday Sept 20th, 12-16:00

Hello Everyone.
Hoping you are all keeping well. I thought it would be good to get a date in the calendar for The Annual Hop Drop.
What to do:
Wear gloves and long sleeves for protection
Cut the bines down on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th
Pick off all the cones only
Store in paper bags or cardboard boxes
Bring to the Nomadic Brewery between 12-16:00pm on Sunday to be weighed and checked in.
Have a beer!
A date for the Crack the Cask will be set soon.  All hop ccontributors will get 2 bottles of GeeGee. And you can buy more at the event in October.
Location for the drop:  Nomadic Brewery, Unit 11, Sheepscar House, 15 Sheepscar St N, Leeds LS7 1AD, United Kingdom
See you all soon.

Midweek Crack Another Cask Nov 12th 18:00

This event is being hosted by Terminus Tap Room and Bottle shop, home of the Meanwood Brewery.  

This is an open event, so bring family and friends to share the experience of GeeGee. The Tap room is warm and welcoming with amazing tunes and comfy chairs. We will be meeting upstairs.

You can find it down the alley next to Alfreds Pub.

If you haven’t tried the 2019 GeeGee, yet, here is your chance. Green hopped ales are light session brews, so be prepared to have a few, at only 4.5%abv.

The Brewery is offering a discount on GeeGee for Co-Hoperative members. If you donated hops see Sharon for your free drink coupons. Also, try the Meeanwood Brewery Taps there is a lot of choice, something for everyone plus the bottle shop fridge.

Hot bar sandwiches will be available for purchase, like cheese toasties! MMMM yummy with a pint of GeeGee.

Nos. 51 & 52 Bus from Leeds City Centre heading North to stops just outside (Waitrose) Meanwood.

Buses no. 91 and No. 7
A short walk along Meanwood road from Meanwood Road & Stainbeck lane traffic light stop.

See you there.

Cask Cracking Saturday October 26th 2019, 12-8pm

This is the first chance to taste the 2019 Hop Growers Green hopped beer. 
An Open Event,  all are welcome  – even non-members.  Come to see what we do for fun; talk to us about becoming a beer grower and taste the beer.
GeeGee was created by Nomadic Beers for the Leeds Co-Hoperative using our hops grown in and around Leeds.  This is a limited edition of 30 barrels which will be available on the 26th at the Open Tap Room event.  Then,  in select pubs in Leeds, as well as,  Nomadic’s own pub: The Rose and Crown, Sunbridge Wells, Bradford.
All hop growing members are encouraged to attend the event to get your first taste of GeeGee 2019. Two pints to all members who contributed hops or not.  If you want to take away bring a growler to fill.  Sorry this brew has not been bottled or canned. 
Members see Sharon to get your beer vouchers.
A second smaller event is being planned; so if you can’t make it watch this space.
Event Details:
Nomadic’s Annual Conkers Tournament! Come along and sign up on the day. Bring your own conker or we can provide some. First round conkers off at 2pm.
Hops & Tots will also be with us between 12pm – 2pm. Lots of toys for the tot to amuse themselves while the adults have a beer.
🍻 Beers will be provided by Nomadic Beers
🍸 Gin from Horus Gin and CIder from Pure North
🎤 Entertainment – Christine!
🍔 Food – TBC
🖍️ There’ll be entertainment throughout the day, including colouring, puzzles and games for children (and adults if they would like!), and we might even get the skittles out!
🐶🧒 Children and dogs are welcome through out the day, as long as they are accompanied by a well-behaved adult! We ask that Children have left the premises by 7.30pm.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Nomadic Beers is a supporter of the ‘Everyone Welcome Initiative’ and is fully accessible

The HOP DROP 2019 is here!!

Since we all enjoyed the Nomadic Beers taproom open house event last October and the GeeGee beer was outstanding, Why not do it again?

Katie and the team have offered to do a brew on Monday 23rd Sept should be ready for the October Event. If anyone would like to help with the brew get in touch.

This is a family friendly event bring your friends, and dogs too.

Christine Jopling, who designed our logo, will be on hand selling her amazing artwork.

Please, bring a contribution from your Cascade plants no matter how small. It all adds up. There may be vouchers for beers for hops dropped.

Event Details:

Sat 21st September 2019
1200 -21:30
Nomadic Beers
Unit 11, 15 Sheepscar Street, LS7 1AD

Tips for picking:
Cut the strings bottom first and lay out on a table to dry a bit
Wear long sleeves and gloves if possible
Check for bugs and give all the cones a good shake before bagging up
Make sure they are dry as possible
If you need to pick early please bag and refrigerate -freeze for longer storage get all the air out
Fresh hops need to be used within 24-48 hours so don’t pick too early.

If you are bogged down just bring the hops on the binds on the Hop Drop day and we can all pitch in and pick the cones. I’ll have a table set up for picking.

Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Hope to see you all there – New members welcome to join in

I want to apologise for being a bit quiet over the past 6 months. No excuse really.


How are your hops, Growers? Early spring 2019

3rd Year for this plant 2019. This plant was grown directly into its current location from 2017. (30/03/19)
3rd year for this plant 2019. First year was in a large pot 2017 , then planted into current location in the ground 2018, same coffee mug for size (30/03/19)

These are my two, 3 year old Cascade hop plants. One started its first year in a pot and is a bit behind the other plant which has been in the ground for three years.

If you are a new member and have first year plants, dont worry. Keep an eye out for the red shoots. These plants take off soon.

If any members have failed plants and want to try again. I have some Cascade plants started in pots for purchase. Get in touch –

See you all soon, Sharon

Winter Meet up @ Kirkstall Brewery Saturday, 23 February 2019

A joint social with Leeds & Calderdale Camra Branches at Kirkstall Brewery on 100 Kirkstall Road, Leeds.

Meet at the Brewery 12:30pm for a tour of the kit and perhaps a quick pint. From here its on to the Cardigan Arms around 3:00ish, where there will be a rare chance to tour the Victorian Tower Brewery.  From here it is onto the Kirkstall Bridge Inn.

Feel free to join in the visits to the other two pubs. The Cardigan Arms will be showing the 6 Nations Rugby matches upstairs.

You don’t need to book, attendance is free, please wear stout(ish) footwear if you are interested in looking round the breweries. This promises to be a grand day.

Buses run approx. every 10-20mins along Kirkstall Road in each direction, so return transport should be no issue.


Last Taste of Nomadic’s GeeGee and recent Blogs about The Co-Hoperative

Hello Everyone,


The last cask of ‘GeeGee’ will be served  at another Nomadic Beers Un-Open event, Sat.  10 Nov 2018, 12-18:00 pm @Nomadic Beers, new location in Sheepscar. There will be a crafts market on as well and food. (If the last event is anything to go by,  it will be another corker)


Thought you might also like to see what the bloggers are saying about the Co-Hoperative and the last Un-Open event @Nomadic Beers on Oct 6th 2018:.

Leeds goes green: A 2018 co-HOPerative project

See you Soon,