The HOP DROP 2019 is here!!

Since we all enjoyed the Nomadic Beers taproom open house event last October and the GeeGee beer was outstanding, Why not do it again?

Katie and the team have offered to do a brew on Monday 23rd Sept should be ready for the October Event. If anyone would like to help with the brew get in touch.

This is a family friendly event bring your friends, and dogs too.

Christine Jopling, who designed our logo, will be on hand selling her amazing artwork.

Please, bring a contribution from your Cascade plants no matter how small. It all adds up. There may be vouchers for beers for hops dropped.

Event Details:

Sat 21st September 2019
1200 -21:30
Nomadic Beers
Unit 11, 15 Sheepscar Street, LS7 1AD

Tips for picking:
Cut the strings bottom first and lay out on a table to dry a bit
Wear long sleeves and gloves if possible
Check for bugs and give all the cones a good shake before bagging up
Make sure they are dry as possible
If you need to pick early please bag and refrigerate -freeze for longer storage get all the air out
Fresh hops need to be used within 24-48 hours so don’t pick too early.

If you are bogged down just bring the hops on the binds on the Hop Drop day and we can all pitch in and pick the cones. I’ll have a table set up for picking.

Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Hope to see you all there – New members welcome to join in

I want to apologise for being a bit quiet over the past 6 months. No excuse really.


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