2020 HOP DROP! -Sunday Sept 20th, 12-16:00

Hello Everyone.
Hoping you are all keeping well. I thought it would be good to get a date in the calendar for The Annual Hop Drop.
What to do:
Wear gloves and long sleeves for protection
Cut the bines down on Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th
Pick off all the cones only
Store in paper bags or cardboard boxes
Bring to the Nomadic Brewery between 12-16:00pm on Sunday to be weighed and checked in.
Have a beer!
A date for the Crack the Cask will be set soon.  All hop ccontributors will get 2 bottles of GeeGee. And you can buy more at the event in October.
Location for the drop:  Nomadic Brewery, Unit 11, Sheepscar House, 15 Sheepscar St N, Leeds LS7 1AD, United Kingdom
See you all soon.

2018 harvest beer – Gee Gee

Our harvest beer launch this year was at Nomadic Beers on Saturday 6th October.

The beer, a 4.5% pale called GeeGee after Nomadic’s delivery van The Green Goddess, was made using 8.25kg of Cascade hops grown by the Leeds Co-Hoperative. The event was a great success and the beer went down very well! It was subsequently available at Wapentake and Foley’s.