How are your hops, Growers? Early spring 2019

3rd Year for this plant 2019. This plant was grown directly into its current location from 2017. (30/03/19)
3rd year for this plant 2019. First year was in a large pot 2017 , then planted into current location in the ground 2018, same coffee mug for size (30/03/19)

These are my two, 3 year old Cascade hop plants. One started its first year in a pot and is a bit behind the other plant which has been in the ground for three years.

If you are a new member and have first year plants, dont worry. Keep an eye out for the red shoots. These plants take off soon.

If any members have failed plants and want to try again. I have some Cascade plants started in pots for purchase. Get in touch –

See you all soon, Sharon