Midweek Crack Another Cask Nov 12th 18:00

This event is being hosted by Terminus Tap Room and Bottle shop, home of the Meanwood Brewery.  

This is an open event, so bring family and friends to share the experience of GeeGee. The Tap room is warm and welcoming with amazing tunes and comfy chairs. We will be meeting upstairs.

You can find it down the alley next to Alfreds Pub.

If you haven’t tried the 2019 GeeGee, yet, here is your chance. Green hopped ales are light session brews, so be prepared to have a few, at only 4.5%abv.

The Brewery is offering a discount on GeeGee for Co-Hoperative members. If you donated hops see Sharon for your free drink coupons. Also, try the Meeanwood Brewery Taps there is a lot of choice, something for everyone plus the bottle shop fridge.

Hot bar sandwiches will be available for purchase, like cheese toasties! MMMM yummy with a pint of GeeGee.

Nos. 51 & 52 Bus from Leeds City Centre heading North to stops just outside (Waitrose) Meanwood.

Buses no. 91 and No. 7
A short walk along Meanwood road from Meanwood Road & Stainbeck lane traffic light stop.

See you there.

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