2018 harvest beer – Gee Gee

Our harvest beer launch this year was at Nomadic Beers on Saturday 6th October.

The beer, a 4.5% pale called GeeGee after Nomadic’s delivery van The Green Goddess, was made using 8.25kg of Cascade hops grown by the Leeds Co-Hoperative. The event was a great success and the beer went down very well! It was subsequently available at Wapentake and Foley’s.













New members welcome

Once again we are looking for new members. The only difference this time is that new members will get the plants in the winter and as roots (called rhizomes). Your first pack is £20 and any extra plants are £10.

Hopefully the plants will be ready for the launch of this year’s beer in November. Follow us on social media to be sure to know when.

Otherwise there will be another pick-up event will be organised after Christmas.